Group Coaching

Tidying is more fun when you’re not doing it alone.

Build your own KonMari support team by hosting an In-Home Workshop! Achieve your goals through learning as a group to encourage one another. Invite your partner, friends, or neighbors to share the journey (and the cost!) With my holistic approach and support from the participants, you can all conquer clutter for good.

Each 90-minute session includes lessons, Q&A, demonstrations, assignments

Topics covered:
1. Basics of KonMari + Creating a vision
2. Clothing
3. Books and Paper
4. Miscellaneous (Kitchen)
5. Miscellaneous (Bathroom/Tools/Crafts)
6. Miscellaneous (Toys/Hobbies)
7. Sentimental items

$245/session for group size between 3-6 participants
Group will meet based on agreed schedule and frequency. Recommended for couples. Best to complete tidying within 6 months.

Participants will also receive a 30% off discount for any one-on-one consulting.

BONUS: Upon completion of your tidying festival, each household will receive a complimentary Spark Joy in-home visit by Ann Dooley. Get additional tips for your specific home, and experience an energy reset using a rose quartz and tuning fork. (Watch Marie Kondo explains this ritual)

Available for residents in zip codes 11201, 11217 and Lower Manhattan.

Sign up by contacting Ann at