Before & After: Girl’s Closet Part 1

Recently I had a blast working with my youngest client yet, a 9-year-old girl, on her closet makeover. Because her bedroom was the guest room, the closet functioned as a storage/pantry. The items were never removed when my client moved in. As a result, there were paper towels, holiday decorations, a vacuum cleaner, and many … Continue reading Before & After: Girl’s Closet Part 1

Before & After: Toddler’s Bedroom

Little kids' clothes are so cute that buying them is hard to resist. The same goes for stuffed animals that offer our children comfort and imaginative play. Whether they are purchased or received as gifts, they can quickly get out of control. In this Before & After, my client needed help with her 3-year-old's bedroom. … Continue reading Before & After: Toddler’s Bedroom

Before & After: Toy Closet

  In my previous post on What to do about all those toys? I shared with you how to organize and keep the clean-up process simple. I also talked about how to down-size the toy collection and suggested ways to not accumulate more. I hope you were inspired to try out those tips yourself. In this example, I’m showing the … Continue reading Before & After: Toy Closet