Before&After: Tidying with Kids (Toy Organization)

"I need help with my shelves." said my 8-year-old client, a good sign that she was aware her current situation wasn't ideal. The good news is she has many shelves and baskets. The bad news is she has so many tiny objects, from stuffed animals to stickers, to hair accessories, that it'll take a long … Continue reading Before&After: Tidying with Kids (Toy Organization)

Before&After: Crafts/Games Closet

Craft supplies, board games, and holiday items accumulate very fast for families with young kids. In this week's Before&After, I helped a family with 2 kids to put order back into their miscellaneous craft closet. Using the KonMari Method, we discussed having a storage space where the children can easily access and return their games … Continue reading Before&After: Crafts/Games Closet