Let’s get organized!

Once you’ve decluttered your home, you may decide to take your organization up another level. I’ve gathered my TOP 10 FAVORITE PRODUCTS that I regularly recommend to clients for their versatility and function for maintaining order. Find out how each one of these can help your family stay organized.

1. DEEP STORAGE ORGANIZERS are my go-to bins that can work in your pantry, refrigerator, bathroom, and great for your baby’s care items, or kids’ small toys! I love that they come in a variety of sizes, rinses clean, and they last!

2. DRAWER DIVIDER Creating clear boundaries is the key to an organized drawer. These bamboo dividers work well for your KonMari folded and filed clothes, as well as in your kitchen drawer for those large cooking utensils.

3. TURNTABLE STORAGE makes reaching for bottles in the back of the cabinet a breeze. There are very few turntables that have high enough of an edge to keep the items from tipping over, while also low enough to easily take out what you need. This one does both, with an opening for the hand to help you spin!

4. VERTICAL STORAGE BIN not only helps to keep your paper category organized, but you can also use it in the pantry for boxed spaghetti, add strong double-sided tape, and attach to the inside of your kitchen base cabinet to hold plastic wrap and Ziplock bags. Add a box of crayons and blank paper, and you have an art kit! I love this one because it comes in a variety of colors and has an easy handle.

5. FABRIC COVERED DRAWER ORGANIZERS are great for storing little kids’ clothing, baby items, small toys, or our undergarments. The fabric adds a gentle touch, and the collapsable storage and size allow you to customize your drawers.

6. SHOE ORGANIZER DRAWERS are not only great for shoes. If you have a lot of items in the miscellaneous category, especially for crafts or bathroom products, small drawers are the answer. These can be placed on shelves or stack on their own.

7. SUPER HANDY LETTER OPENER, a tool that I have discovered 7 great ways to make your life easier in the kitchen, office, and even closet! Watch my video below to learn why I love this little tool.

8. MULTIPURPOSE MASON JARS are a must! You can use them to hold dry pantry or wet food items from soups to juices. Use them to store craft items, drink out of them, hold your eating utensils, pens, flowers, candles…the list goes on.

9. OVER-THE-DOOR OR WALL ADJUSTABLE ORGANIZER is great for when you have limited storage space. Any room that you have extra items to store but you want to avoid the visual clutter can be taken care of with this solution.

10. CLEAR FILE SIZED BOXES are great for the home office for keeping your paper in order, but it’s also helpful in keeping your children’s artwork, craft paper collection. Because it’s easy to see and stackable, you can also use it for out of season items, kids’ hand-me-downs, toys, and game sets, so nothing gets forgotten.

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