“I felt like I was being trained by a true sensei master who could teach me at a level unattainable by reading books alone or watching videos. With Ann’s incredible skills I was able to conquer and succeed at one of the most challenging projects I’ve ever tackled in my life, and I’ve had many big challenges!” – Joan D.

“Her advice is practical and realistic for a busy family, and her aesthetic sense can’t be beaten. Not only do we love the solutions that she comes up with, but more importantly we are able to maintain them. The skills she teaches are instantly transferable and we have been able to organize other areas using her methods.” – Max L.

“I used to consider myself a relatively tidy person but after my session with Ann, I realize how wrong I was! She made it so easy for me to decide what to keep and what to say goodbye to. I loved working with her!” – Holly R.

“I have had Ann’s insights and help with projects both big and small and have been consistently impressed. She is very easy to communicate with, understands the needs of a busy family household, and has fantastic instincts. The systems she has put in place allow me to maintain order and live a more peaceful and joyful life! Truly every time I open a drawer that she has helped organize I take a big exhale.” – Rebecca L.

“I’m so happy with my closet – I literally go in there to feel calm! You’ve changed the way I think and gave me a sense of order.” – Megan B.