What is the KonMari Method?
The KonMari Method is a transformational organization philosophy based on the books The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy written by Marie Kondo. Kondo is a Japanese organizing guru and #1 New York Times bestselling author. Her books have sold over 8 million copies in over 40 countries. And tidying up has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Based on one simple criterion: Does this item spark joy? Decisions are made for each item in your home. Belongings are acknowledged for their purpose and thanked before being let go when they no longer spark joy. You’ll tidy by categories in a specific order instead of by location. The process places great importance on being mindful to hone the skills of checking for joy. The result is a joyful home that reflects the client’s vision of an ideal happy lifestyle and what they cherish the most.

What do you mean by tidying by category?
Traditionally we are used to the idea of tidying by location. When we do that, we don’t really see the whole picture since we often have items from the same category stored in different locations throughout the house. We often don’t realize the number of duplicates we own and end up buying more because we can’t keep track of them. Organizing by category means taking an inventory of what you have, and it’s much easier to compare and decide which item you want to keep and which to discard.

The 5 Categories are:

  • Clothing
  • Books
  • Paper
  • Komono (Miscellaneous)
  • Sentimental Items

What are the benefits of tidying?

Save Time

  • When everything in your closet looks and feels good on you, getting ready becomes fun and easy.
  • No more digging through stacks and piles to find what you need. You will know exactly where to find it.
  • Less clutter means less time straightening or cleaning up the house and more time to do what you love.
  • Improved accessibility and visibility of your things allows all family members to help maintain neatness and build good habits.

Save Money

  • No need to keep buying replacements for misplaced items.
  • Learning what sparks joy for you makes you a more conscious shopper.
  • We take better care of the possessions we love, so they last longer.

Emotional Detox

  • Release your guilt and fear associated with the items you own.
  • Recognizing your values and priorities.
  • Identify your personal style and passion.
  • Making yourself a priority
  • Feel satisfied and appreciate what makes you happy.

Do I need to read the book before starting the process?
It is not required that you read the books prior to your tidying sessions. My job is to teach you the skills you’ll need to maintain the work we do together. If after we start you decide to read the book, it will only add to your tidying experience and education.

Is 5-hour tidying sessions realistic schedule?
The question is, how many hours have you lived with the clutter? And would you want to see a dramatic transformation in 5 hours? During those tidying sessions, you’ll be honing your decision-making skills and learn what items truly sparks joy for you. By the end of the session, you’ll be able to see not only the change in your physical space but also gain an understanding of why you lived with the clutter in the first place. We do live very busy lives, but the decision to take the time out to organize your space means you are taking a step to take care of yourself. The shock of seeing what can change in 5 hours will begin to affect your perspective and behavior. Your time commitment to the session is to put yourself as the priority, to simplify your life and infuse more joy in your daily life.

How long does it take to tidy my entire home?
3 to 6 months is the average. However, this can vary based on the size of your home, your availability and desire to complete your tidying.

Marie Kondo calls this a “once in a lifetime” tidying marathon because the shocking transformation and your new life skill to tidy will motivate you to not go back to a cluttered home again.

I have a lot of stuff. Is this a minimalist approach?
The KonMari Method focuses on keeping what sparks joy and reflects the ideal vision you have for your present or future self.  The result may end up looking minimal, however, it does not matter the number of items you keep in the end as long as they truly add to a positive joyful life. The number of items you keep should fit comfortably in the space you have so you can easily see and access them.