This is the final week of the happiness class I’ve been taking, an online course called the Science of Well-Being taught by Yale University. Although the format of the course has changed from 6 to10 weeks, the last 4 are for us to put what we’ve learned into practice on a regular basis. I and … Continue reading SPARK JOY MEETS THE SCIENCE OF HAPPINESS – PART​ 6


This is part 5 of the 6-week series of my experience learning the Science of Well-being from the Yale University class taught through This week, we were given a lot of information on ways to switch to “better wanting” for things that have proven to help us feel happier. I’m going to highlight the … Continue reading SPARK JOY MEETS THE SCIENCE OF HAPPINESS – PART​ 5

Before & After: Weekday/Weekend Wardrobes

People say don't mix business with pleasure. This can also apply to how you organize your closet! If you are someone with a job that requires you to dress in a more formal attire, it may save you time getting ready in the morning by keeping your business outfits separate from your leisure ones. In … Continue reading Before & After: Weekday/Weekend Wardrobes

Are Subscription Boxes Worth it?

According to an article on, about 2000 companies have implemented a subscription-style delivery service into their business. From food to fashion, activity kits for kids, to beauty products, you can find a subscription to match any lifestyle or interest. They cost on average between $20-$50 a month depending on the subscription you choose. I have … Continue reading Are Subscription Boxes Worth it?

FREE Shipping Label for Donating Used Goods

Have you started your spring cleaning? If you've been inspired by my blog, then you may have been busy going through your things and picking out the ones you that brings you joy to keep, throwing out the broken and expired items, selling stuff on Craigslist. Maybe there are the items that you want to donate, but haven't had a chance … Continue reading FREE Shipping Label for Donating Used Goods

Five Common Misconceptions About Organizing

From my personal experience and learnings from the KonMari method of only keeping items that sparks joy, here are five common misconceptions about organizing: 1. You are a messy person and you can never keep your home tidy. No one like to clean up. People do it because they are motivated by how the space … Continue reading Five Common Misconceptions About Organizing