Why It’s Important to Declutter Before and After

Finally, you’ve made up your mind — it’s time to move! You’re feeling excited for thisnew stage of your life and ready to take on all challenges. But before you get to thatpart, take a good look at your belongings. Which ones do you truly need? Is theresomething you can leave behind? Moving means a … Continue reading Why It’s Important to Declutter Before and After

5 Mindful Organizing Tips for Back-to-School

As we approach fall, returning to school may be putting anxiety on our minds. Considering the current state of the pandemic, along with the challenges from remote learning last year, creating a sense of calm and security for our children is a must to ease the transition. While you may be focusing on preparing your … Continue reading 5 Mindful Organizing Tips for Back-to-School

Organizing Tools for KonMari: Clothing

If you've been tidying using the KonMari Method™, you know that you don't even think about storage until you've completed decluttering. But once you are done, you may want to consider adding some joyful finishing touches. There are many organizing products available that can either help to maintain order or improve the esthetic for your … Continue reading Organizing Tools for KonMari: Clothing


This is part 5 of the 6-week series of my experience learning the Science of Well-being from the Yale University class taught through Coursera.org. This week, we were given a lot of information on ways to switch to “better wanting” for things that have proven to help us feel happier. I’m going to highlight the … Continue reading SPARK JOY MEETS THE SCIENCE OF HAPPINESS – PART​ 5

Before&After: Crafts/Games Closet

Craft supplies, board games, and holiday items accumulate very fast for families with young kids. In this week's Before&After, I helped a family with 2 kids to put order back into their miscellaneous craft closet. Using the KonMari Method, we discussed having a storage space where the children can easily access and return their games … Continue reading Before&After: Crafts/Games Closet

Before & After: Weekday/Weekend Wardrobes

People say don't mix business with pleasure. This can also apply to how you organize your closet! If you are someone with a job that requires you to dress in a more formal attire, it may save you time getting ready in the morning by keeping your business outfits separate from your leisure ones. In … Continue reading Before & After: Weekday/Weekend Wardrobes

Before & After: Miscellaneous Cabinet

We all have a cabinet or two with stuff we don't want to deal with. These are the "homeless" items, usually shoved away in a space that rarely see the light of day. It's especially hard when your storage space is limited and the miscellaneous items all end up in there together. Things that may have … Continue reading Before & After: Miscellaneous Cabinet