Before&After: Clothing Closet

In this before and after, my client needed help with her closet. Because she’s expecting another child, she has a mix of pregnancy and regular clothes both in one closet. In the United States, it is common to have closets with a bar for hanging and multiple adjustable shelves. People generally use wire hangers that … Continue reading Before&After: Clothing Closet

Simple Joy Tip: Decorating Your Closet

Getting ready to go out, even if it's going to work, can be a positive experience when you create an organized closet that reflects your personal style. When all the clothes and accessories you love are easily visible and accessible, you'll be able to quickly get out the door, and feel confident you'll make a good impression. Take … Continue reading Simple Joy Tip: Decorating Your Closet

Before & After: Toy Closet

  In my previous post on What to do about all those toys? I shared with you how to organize and keep the clean-up process simple. I also talked about how to down-size the toy collection and suggested ways to not accumulate more. I hope you were inspired to try out those tips yourself. In this example, I’m showing the … Continue reading Before & After: Toy Closet

Before & After: Brooklyn Apartment

At one point or another, we all had that closet with so many things shoved away that we don’t have the energy nor the desire to clean it out. Sometimes the problem is we buy more than our space can hold. Other times, we store things in the wrong places, making them hard to reach, and the space difficult to maintain. … Continue reading Before & After: Brooklyn Apartment