Ann Dooley
At the age of 10, Ann immigrated with her parents and sister to the U.S. from Taiwan to live the American dream. Not knowing a word of English, she carried around a little notebook and used drawings to help her communicate. Her positive attitude and willingness to learn were key to her adapting to new surroundings. And with the understanding of her parent’s sacrifice, Ann worked hard to succeed, and strived be a positive contributor to society.

Growing up she learned to follow her passion in art and design. She received a Bachelors of Art Degree in Advertising from the prestigious Art Center College of Design in California. After graduation, she landed a career as an art director at The Walt Disney Studios, responsible for designing film posters and in theater displays for over a decade. During that time Ann also created RubyLove Reflection-Tees, a line of clothing with inspirational messages that the wearer can read while she’s looking at her own reflection. In her downtime, she volunteered at various art-related organizations.

Motherhood took her on a new path. While home with her first child, she wrote and designed a book called  The New Mommy Handbook.  And later became the President of a local moms support group where she organized events, guest speakers, and activities for over 80 members.

Trusting that life will take her where she needed to be, Ann moved across the country to New York with her family. Starting over again, Ann explored her options by working as a freelance graphic designer, a preschool Mandarin Chinese teacher, and a contributing writer for a family focused website. Before the birth of her second child, she became certified as a parenting instructor.

Throughout the years, her greatest asset has been her natural ability to organize a busy work and home life. It was when fate introduced her to The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, a book written by organization expert Marie Kondo, that she realized her true calling. All of her experience in designing, teaching, and her passion to help improve lives, were all stepping stones that led her on a new journey that she finds truly fulfilling.

Ann is currently living with her husband and their two boys in Brooklyn, New York, and happily transforming lives through tidying.




The KonMari Certification

The KonMari Certification consist of a rigorous 7-step process. This includes verifying that we practice what we preach by submitting our “kondo-ed” homes before permitted to attend the training. We must complete the training seminar conducted by a master teacher and Marie Kondo herself. Each trainee must log in their practice sessions with detailed reports to be reviewed by the KonMari team. Only after an assessment exam and interview will the trainee receive their certificate.

For more information about Marie Kondo, please visit her website at konmari.com.