Since the age of 5, Ann has been a natural organizer. She grew up folding clothes and rearranging display cases in her parents’ clothing store in Taiwan. By age 9, she was cleaning the house top to bottom, decorating the space, and hosting her own parties. She also loved drawing and recording stories on cassette tapes. 

After immigrating to California, she developed her artistic talents and pursued a career in graphic design. Ann received a Bachelors of Arts Degree from the prestigious Art Center College of Design, then landed a decade-long position as an art director at The Walt Disney Company where she was responsible for designing movie posters and in -theater displays. 

Helping and inspiring others is in her nature. In 2001, Ann created RubyLove Reflection-Tees with encouraging messages that the wearer can read while looking at her own reflection. Her shirts were worn by celebrities such as America Ferrera and Ashley Judd, and seen on Lisa’s It List on NBC.

otherhood took Ann on a new path. While home with her first child, she published The New Mommy Handbook.  And later became the President of a local moms support group where she organized events and activities for over 80 members.

Trusting that life will take her where she needed to be, Ann moved across the country to New York with her husband and son. Starting over again, Ann explored her options by becoming a Mandarin Chinese teacher, and a contributing writer for a family-focused website. Teaching became a priority in her life and she became certified as a respectful parenting instructor.

Ann is one of the founding members of A Better Way, a grassroots non-profit organization focused on finding viable alternatives to rebuilding the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. She has organized volunteers, rallies, and town halls to advocating for an innovative solution that protects the environment and the community. Posters and banners designed by Ann can be seen all over Brooklyn neighborhoods. She has also appeared on several news interviews to represent her group, as well as produced videosto raise awareness for the cause.

Throughout the years, her greatest asset has been her ability to organize a busy work and home life. It was when fate introduced her to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Upa book written by organization expert Marie Kondo, that Ann realized her true calling (read about it here). All of her experience in designing, teaching, and her passion to help improve lives, were stepping stones that led her on a new journey that she finds truly fulfilling.

Almost exactly one year after attending the Chicago KonMari Consultant Seminar in 2017, Ann received her certification as an official KonMari consultant. With clients’ ranging from age 5 to 70, Ann supports all of them through patience, empathy, and respect. 

Ann is currently living with her husband and their two sons in Brooklyn, New York, and happily transforming lives through tidying.


Ann (right) with Marie Kondo at the Certified Consultant Retreat 2018

To schedule a call with ann, please email tidyup@simplejoywithann.com

What is a Certified KonMari Consultant?

A KonMari Certified Consultants not only share the knowledge and skills of organizing but also help clients identify what they value in life, through the process of organizing.

The consultant guides and supports their client to completely organize the client’s home, creating their ideal space, while understanding that organizing one’s space is a very personal issue.

KonMari Consultants’ mission is to support and inspire their clients to choose joy. Each consultant has gone through a 7-step process which includes submitting reports for practice sessions, assessment exam, and interview.

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