“Ann gave me hope.

She was so incredibly kind and understanding throughout the process. For someone who’s felt stuck for a while, she gave us an extraordinary gift. Thank you, Ann! You’ve changed our lives!” – Kim M.


Hello parents, I’m Ann Dooley, founder of Simple Joy with Ann. It is my mission to help you prioritize your family values, simplify your space, and make room for joy using the KonMari Method™.

I believe to successfully create your ideal family lifestyle, it takes a dedicated team effort, a clear goal in mind, and the right kind of support that you trust.

As a Certified Gold Level KonMari consultant, I provide a comprehensive approach based on the unique insights from my experiences in supporting families and children.

I began my career at Disney where I honed my visual skills as an art director.  Motherhood led me to become the president of a local chapter M.O.M.S. Club®, which inspired me to publish The New Mommy Handbook. With an innate sensitivity and love for children, I worked part-time teaching preschool in Brooklyn while writing for a mom-focused website. Then while pregnant with my second child, I earned a certificate in Breakthrough Parenting™. Most recently I completed a Yale course in the Science of Wellbeing a.k.a. the happiness class, as well as training in Positive Intelligence™ which I incorporate into my sessions.

“With Ann’s help, our apartment finally emits calm, where before there was only chaos. We never could have accomplished what we have without Ann’s patient guidance and common sense – real-world, usable solutions.” – Laurie D.


With my favorite tidying helpers.

On the personal front, I grew up in homes that always had at least one room you couldn’t step foot in. I was always the one who took on the responsibility of organizing. But I now know I was merely playing Tetris with our belongings. I had never dealt with the emotional attachments connected to all of the things we’ve accumulated. And habits we’ve developed to contribute to the cycle of clutter. Parenthood only compounded the stress.

Learning the KonMari Method™ was the turning point. By the time I had completed my own tidying festival, I felt the weight lifted off my shoulders. I began to share what I’ve learned with my husband and our sons. I saw our own family’s transformation, and recognized my calling to help other parents build stronger families by creating homes that align with how they want to live.


“Ann takes the time to listen. Not only does she help you put your room together, but heals the brokenness in your heart. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done.” – Suzanne L.


MarieKondo and AnnDooley

If I didn’t believe the universe will bring you what you need, I definitely do now. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up had been recommended to me multiple times but I never got a copy until I found it on the street walking home one day. It felt like a sign pointing me in the direction of what I was meant to do. 

Choosing joy has made our home become our favorite place to be. We now experience a deeper sense of connection and appreciation of our relationships. Most importantly, the experience led me to a new purpose in life – I decided to commit to helping families experience their own life-changing magic.


“Ann made organizing a pleasurable experience, through her kindness, generosity and a non-judgmental approach. I felt seen and heard, as my own responses were gently echoed back to me, for honest reflection and deeper inquiry. Working with her has made such a difference in tidying my home.” – Jenny V.

If you are tired of feeling drained by the clutter that surrounds you.

If you dream of a home that’s calm and welcoming.

If you want to feel present and confident to live your family’s priorities.

If you want a peaceful space for cultivating deeper connections.

If you want to raise independent children with strong sense of values.