Why It’s Important to Declutter Before and After

Finally, you’ve made up your mind — it’s time to move! You’re feeling excited for this new stage of your life and ready to take on all challenges. But before you get to that part, take a good look at your belongings. Which ones do you truly need? Is there something you can leave behind? Moving means a fresh start, so maybe bringing your entire old life into your new home isn’t such a great idea.

Some people find the process of decluttering more difficult than others. If you’re a more sentimental person who tends to get attached to their belongings, you may not understand why it’s not advisable to bring everything from your old house into your new one. So, to help you make peace with decluttering, we’ve asked Oz Moving, a moving company in New York, to explain why this process is necessary. Read on to find out how decluttering can put you in just the right mindset for the move.

The Move Will Be Easier With Fewer Items

The more belongings you have, the longer and more taxing the packing process will be. You’ll need to start a few months early, get many boxes, and carefully sort and label everything. Then, when you get to your new home, you’ll have to unpack and arrange all the items from the boxes. And that could take quite a long time when you have many.

But with fewer items, the whole moving process becomes easier. You won’t have as much to pack, store in the moving van, or unpack and organize once you arrive. Although the move is still stressful, everything will go smoother and faster.

Keep in mind that decluttering also might take some time and effort, though. After all, you need to decide which items to leave behind and then choose what to donate, sell, give away, or throw out. Still, once you’re done with that part, the rest will be much easier.

You’ll Have More Space in Your New Home

One of the main reasons people move is the lack of space in their homes. That might be your reason, too — you want to live in a more comfortable, roomy place that doesn’t make you feel cramped or trapped. However, bringing clutter from your old house into the new one is sure to have the opposite effect.

Don’t start your new life by trying to fit all the unnecessary junk you brought into your new home. Instead, leave the clutter behind and take only what you need. That way, you won’t have to fight for territory with your belongings, so you’ll feel happier and at ease.

You’ll Have Room for New Items

Why would you cling to your old belongings when you can buy brand new items? Moving gives you the perfect opportunity to get rid of the things you’ve owned and haven’t used for years, as well as those that are broken and no longer work. The more you pare down your belongings, the more room you’ll have for new ones.

And once you move into your new home, you can start buying all those things you never had enough room for. Don’t go overboard, though, or your new place might end up just as cluttered as the old one!

You Won’t Have to Pay for a Storage Unit

If you’re moving to a house, you’ll likely have enough storage space, so your decluttering doesn’t have to be as strict. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it, though — just that you can allow yourself an item or two you don’t really need.

But flats are an entirely different matter. They don’t normally have attics or basements, so your storage space is quite limited. Because of that, people tend to rent space in separate storage units and pay monthly to keep their stuff there. Usually, the fee isn’t too high, but that’s still around $100 a month that you could use for something else.

And if you declutter before you move, you can save that money, at least at the beginning. As time goes by and you buy more items, you might end up needing a storage unit. But you can start your new life without that additional expense.

Decluttering Doesn’t End Once You Move

You may have pared down your belongings as much as you thought possible, but your perception might change after the move. Your new home won’t be like the old one, after all. Thanks to that,  you might discover that you don’t need all the items you brought.

So, the first thing you should do when you arrive at your new home is go through the process of decluttering once again and then organize your belongings. Check how much space you have and figure out where you want to store your various items. The sooner you do that, the better — you’ll be able to enjoy your new home once you’re done with the work.

And if you do realize that you can get rid of some more belongings, don’t hesitate. Give them away, sell them, or donate them to someone who’ll make better use of them. Remember — you can always buy new stuff.

In Conclusion

Even if you’d like to, you can’t pack everything you own and bring it with you to your new home. It’s neither practical nor good for you. How will you start your life afresh if you carry so much baggage from your past? Decluttering makes the move so much easier and faster, but it also helps you get into the right mindset for the change. So don’t put it off or avoid it — you’ll feel better after you do it!

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