Creating a Vision Board

Do you ever wonder why you keep on reorganizing the same spaces? Or why you continue buying things you don’t need or hold on to things that don’t spark joy? Chances are, you haven’t been able to see clearly what your goal looks like to help you take action. And this is where creating a vision board can help.

I was on Instagram Live recently where I created my very first vision board. I admitted that I had never made one because there was a fear of not being able to achieve my goals. This is the same fear that has stopped many people from ever taking action to declutter their home, to start a project, or move forward in life. So in an exercise to overcome my own fears, I made my vision board for the Instagram world to see, and I’m so glad I did.

I went through the stack of magazines without previewing what was inside. I just trusted the universe will show me what I needed to see, and allowed the pictures and words to speak to me. The ones that I had an instant connection with were cut out and set aside to be assembled later.

Since I had already KonMari-ed my home and have been living a life that focuses on choosing joy, I was drawn to more inspirations for how I wanted to feel everyday. There weren’t any major goals. Instead, the simple life to feel calm, relaxed, and more time with my family. After 30+ minutes of gathering the pieces, the images magically had a cohesive feel and color coordinated nicely to fit on my poster board. (It’s not too different from the process of tidying, choose what sparks joy, and everything just fits!)

What felt really great when it was completed, was that my current life already has many of the things I wanted. But it makes me happy seeing the vision board as if it’s my list of things to do each day, to simply find joy and shine!

Creating a vision of your ideal lifestyle and taking action to create a collage will help encourage you to stay focused on your tidying journey. This visualization tool can be incredibly powerful, inspiring, and transformative when you focus on your intentions, use it to hold yourself accountable. It’s not that you must complete everything on the board, but the imagery will encourage you to be mindful of your choices and influence the outcome.

You can watch me making mine in this video (sorry the image is mirrored because I had to see the screen for comments and questions). I hope you’ll try and create your own vision board and then re-create it in real life!




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