Practicing Gratitude

Honestly, I’m a little embarrassed to say that prior to practicing the KonMari Method, I probably only really thought about gratitude on Thanksgiving. Even then, I am not sure if I really appreciated what feeling thankful meant because I was too stressed out getting ready to host guests. Or I was thinking in generic terms of being thankful for my health or family, without being mindful of the details to understand why. When the day is over, I was on to the task of shopping for Black Friday deals and thinking about the next big holiday.

Practicing the KonMari Method has allowed us to be in the moment. Every item we interact with has a reason it’s in our lives. When we say thank you to the items we let go, we feel grateful for a job completed. Or perhaps, we learned that it came into our lives by mistake. There are lessons in every item that we can benefit from so we can be free of any attachment to the past or fear of the future. And for those things we chose to keep because they spark joy, we begin to view them through loving eyes for making our lives happier, easier, and more beautiful.

These days, I keep our Thanksgiving dinner very simple so we have more time to relax and catch up. The kids draw pictures as placemats and table decor. We go for an experience as a gift so there’s nothing but a fun shared memory. And the most beautiful part of all is that now I feel gratitude everyday. I can feel gratitude for my favorite mug that holds the ginger lemon tea that I love, purchased with the money I earned from a job I feel passionate about. I can appreciate the joy-sparking kettle on a stove that provides me heat while I wait to make tea. I can feel thankful for being in an organized kitchen I love,  wearing my cozy clothes and slippers, in a home that protects me from the wind and rain. So much gratitude just from 3 minutes of making tea!

Look around you now, what are you grateful for? Share your story in the comments.



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