Before&After: Crafts/Games Closet

Craft supplies, board games, and holiday items accumulate very fast for families with young kids. In this week’s Before&After, I helped a family with 2 kids to put order back into their miscellaneous craft closet.

Using the KonMari Method, we discussed having a storage space where the children can easily access and return their games and markers. We also wanted to combine craft materials and other stationary supplies that are scattered in other closets throughout their home so there is one central location for these related items.

While emptying out the closet, we created subcategories in our workspace for board games, holiday items, drawing supplies, assorted craft papers, laminators, various cutting tools, ribbons, and stationary.

BEFORE: Games/Crafts Closet



We took out the games that are no longer age appropriate, any arts and crafts supplies that don’t spark joy anymore, gathered all the holiday items to place in another closet, and began to put things back in a way that makes sense.

This is the order of items on each shelf in the after photo:

  1. Stationary in boxes
  2. Gift wrapping, scrapbooking supplies
  3. Gift boxes, ribbons, sewing supplies
  4. Ribbons separated by color
  5. Workstation with basic stationery and a space to write a quick note
  6. Colored paper, notebooks, laminating machine
  7. Markers, crayons, color pencils and stencils
  8. Kids’ craft supplies (knitting, painting, slime-making kit and an extra roll of paper)
  9. Boardgames and card games

AFTER: Games/Crafts Closet



AFTER: Closet up


I’m most proud of creating a new workspace for my client. This shelf holds the large roll of drawing paper, stapler, glues, tapes, calculator, rulers, scissors, post-its, pens/highlighter/pencils, paper clips, notecards, envelopes, a place to write a quick note, and put the mail to be sorted through.

We placed the boardgames and kids’ arts and crafts supplies on the lowest shelf for easy access for the kids. The game boxes with larger parts were filed like books, the ones with small pieces were stacked. The card games went in a plastic tub, also filed for easy identification and access.

Our time didn’t allow us to sort through every box of ribbons and craft supplies, but the homeowner plans to do that for homework. So I look forward to posting a follow up with more updated photos. However, in just 3.5 hours, we now have a closet that allows more fun, creativity, and productivity.


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