Tidy Up Your Suitcase

How long does it take you to pack? If you have thoroughly tidied your closet and folded everything the KonMari way, then you can probably get it done in less than 10 minutes. Not only you’ll be able to quickly identify the clothes you love and want to pack, they are already folded just right for the suitcase.

Here are some photos to show you how one client easily moved his clothes from the closet to his luggage for a week-long trip.

Here are his tidy closet and drawers before the trip

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Here are the clothes stored in his luggage

A packing cube to keep underwear and socks in place.


T-shirts came straight from the drawer, button-up shirts
are folded, and the sweaters are rolled.


Packing cube fit next to the pants


All done!


On this trip, he didn’t need to pack extra shoes. The toiletry fits in his carry-on backpack so he can easily access it if he needs to freshen up after the flight.

************  SIMPLE JOY TIP ************

Some people don’t enjoy unpacking or bringing home a suitcase full of dirty clothes. If you are able to do laundry before you return, fold everything the KonMari way, and you can unpack in about 10 minutes!

If you can’t do laundry before you return, then divide your light and dark clothing in separate plastic bags. Once you get home, you can easily start a load.



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