Make Room for Joy

When you feel ready to start tidying, do you roll up your sleeves and get right to it? Not so fast. To successfully achieve the organized space you want using the KonMari method, you first need to envision your goal.

Picture your ideal lifestyle. What can you make more room for in your life? How do you create a home that supports who you are today or who you want to become?

I had fun trying this out myself. I envisioned a well lit a place to sit and relax with a cup of tea. It was a cup of citrus tea, using my favorite ceramic cup given to me by a good friend.  I pictured my bedroom to be a tranquil escape with a cheerful but soothing color palette. I envision myself making tea in a simple kitchen that has pretty plates and bowls stored on an open shelving.

IMG_8832 copy

My relaxing bedroom



The kitchen shelves I pictured in my mind became a reality.

Your home should be the one place you can truly relax and free be yourself. It is the place that rejuvenates you and gives comfort after a long day of dealing with life’s responsibilities. We long for a vacation to get away from our daily stress, but how about creating a tranquil respite right at home? Think of decluttering as making room for more positive energy in your life. Allow your vision to become the motivation behind your decluttering decisions.

Begin by asking yourself some of these questions and answer them with vivid details:

What are my favorite things to do at home when I am free?

Who do I enjoy spending time in my home?

What are my hobbies?

Is there something new I’d like to try?

Express yourself by making a collage, a list, create a Pinterest board or write a story. Include as many details as possible so it’s exactly how you see it. When you are done, take a look and ask yourself “why” with each answer. For example, why do I want a place to sit and drink my tea? Because I want to have some quiet time. Why? Because I function better when I have some peace and quiet. Why? Because when I don’t have some time to myself, I feel frazzled and I lose my patience with my children. Why? Because I want the time with my children to be filled with laughter. Why? Because I want to savor every moment with my family.

By repeatedly asking the why connects you with your emotions. It wasn’t just about having tea, it’s so that I can have a moment to decompress from the busy day and enjoy more of what I love. Now that I know the deeper reason, I am ready to start tidying.

To be honest, in all of my years of organizing, I didn’t do this step until I read The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up. Without a goal in mind, I constantly organized the same space that got messy again and again. Without imagining my ideal lifestyle, I was only shuffling things around without actually thinking if they still served a purpose in my life. Meanwhile, the number of junk drawers grew, and so did my level of stress. Taking this step has allowed me to create a home that reflects the vision of my ideal life. And my home sparks so much joy for our entire family.


To learn more about the KonMari method, check out the FAQ section. Or pick up a copy of the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.

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