Before & After: Girl’s Closet Part 2

Following my last session working with a 9-year-girl on her closet, I went back to see what we can do about the other half of the space. The family has been using it as a pantry and storage space. When I showed up this time, I was delighted to see my young client folding her own clothes and putting them away using the KonMari method. Her mom did purchase 4 new dresses for her, which I later found out she told her mom “You buy me too much stuff.” She even gave away a few more things to her friends.  I am so proud of this girl. She has fully embraced the KonMari Method and getting in touch with what brings her joy. This new found confidence and understanding will continue to benefit her in all areas of her life.

For part two of this closet organization, I worked with only the mom who is responsible for the miscellaneous items. We emptied the closet and dusted off the shelves. As we moved the things out, we sorted them into categories: food, vases, blankets, gift wrapping supplies, holiday items etc. You can also think of these categories as similar materials: ceramic, glass, metal, textile, paper.  We moved all the food items to the kitchen pantry, and only left items that are not used frequently in this closet. Our goal was to minimize the family coming in and out of the daughter’s bedroom.

BEFORE: Bedroom Closet/Storage Closet





AFTER: Bedroom Closet/Storage Closet

I REALLY LOVE this closet transformation. I felt like I discovered a treasure chest filled with things in beautiful colors and textures. The result added a cheerfulness which didn’t feel out of place in a girl’s bedroom closet.

Let’s take a closer look:

I placed the tall glass vases on the top shelf. They reflected the light and made the ceiling look even higher. The Easter baskets handles are very tall, so they also went on the top shelf.  The blankets are folded so they expose a clean edge. They are also grouped by their color schemes. The holiday table clothes and utensils made sense to be on the same shelf. I repurposed the vases and planters to hold the smaller items. Also, the shorter easter baskets came in handy for keeping the ribbons and bow, while a tall ceramic vase was perfect for the rolls of gift wrapping.




The cleaned up shelves allow my client to still keep items like the vacuum and golf clubs in the closet but out of the way of her daughter’s things. Now, there’s room to also display some toys.


Both the mom and daughter couldn’t believe the transformation of this closet. I personally love how the colors of those blankets infused more joy into this space.

What do you think about this before and after? I’d love to hear your thoughts or questions.

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