NEWS: Chicago 2017 KonMari Consultant Seminar

On the morning of April 28th, 2017, I walked anxiously into a ballroom at the Gwen Hotel in Downtown Chicago. I was amongst the 80 attendees who either wished to further their joy sparking skills or become certified as a KonMari Consultant. It was surprising to learn that majority of the people there have traveled great distances from over 20 countries to this seminar. For the next three intense days that followed, we not only learned what it takes to be a KonMari Consultant, we gained many friendships with those who share the passion for organizing and improving the lives of others.


The seminar was taught by Marie Kondo’s former client turned master instructor Mitsugu Ando. Every lesson and question answered were translated from Japanese into English. Positive energy filled the room as we shared our stories and experiences from the magic after tidying up. From recovering hoarders and minimalist to people who took a leap of faith and quit the jobs that didn’t spark joy for them, each heartfelt stories shared added to the unique bond of this group.


On our final day of the seminar, a cheerful and sweet Marie Kondo joined us to share some closing thoughts. We got a chance to get our books signed and be photographed with her to receive our Certificate of Completion as a KonMari trainee.


This seminar was step 3 of an intense 7-step certification process. The KonMari Media Inc. has created a supportive community for the attendees to continue to connect and learn from one another. This experience has challenged me to keep making choices that brings me joyI feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to meet my idol, to learn from her, and to be part of her mission to organize the world.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Your likes and follows keeps me motivated to keep moving forward. And thanks to all the amazing people I met at the seminar and the KonMari Media team for being part of this wonderful journey.


4 thoughts on “NEWS: Chicago 2017 KonMari Consultant Seminar

  1. Anne Papaioanou says:

    Hi Ann
    It was such a wonderful opportunity to meet you. From day 1, sitting at the same table with you, you made me feel so comfortable, to day 3, inspiring me to get out of my comfort zone. You truly “sparked joy” in my life! 😉 Your blog is amazing, keep it coming busy momma!
    Anne Papaioanou, Toronto
    P.S. Praying for the people of Time Square

    • simplejoywithann says:

      Hi Anne! This is so sweet. I got misty eyed. It was so nice meeting you too. I still haven’t gotten around to check out the book you recommended but it’s definitely on my mind. Thank you for your support. : )

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