Before&After: Bathroom Cabinets

The bathroom is the one room in the house that gets used by every member of the family around the clock. In a previous Before&After article on the bathroom closet, I listed all the steps on how to organize the bottles and miscellaneous items in a bathroom cabinets. Let’s take a look how those tips have helped this bathroom organization.

Before: Bathroom Closet and Medicine Cabinet

This first photograph was taken after we started to empty out this 6-shelf tall cabinet. It wasn’t very messy, but it was disorganized because items from different categories were mixed together. The soap was on the same shelf as medicine. The nail polish remover was next to the cleaning products. This isn’t only inconvenient, it was also dangerous if you are not reading the labels carefully.



After emptying out the entire cabinet. We found 5 hair sprays, 4 bottles of lotion mostly unused, 5 nose sprays, and 11 creams and sprays for aches and pains, 3 boxes of band-aids, a few expired products and many products that didn’t work well.

After: Bathroom Closet and Medicine Cabinet

Once we finished deciding which items to keep, we store the most used items in the medicine cabinet. We used a small plastic container to hold the toothbrushes and other smaller items.


We dedicated one shelf for the hair products, lining them up from tallest to shortest so you can easily reach what you are looking for. The skin products are on the right, no container was needed to create their separation. The extra toilet paper removed from the packaging and stacked neatly on the bottom.


The nail products are now all in a container with lid. The vitamins and medicine are on the same shelf. Shaving and facial products are placed together.


All finished! This process took about 2 hours and we threw out one small bag of products and gave away the unused ones.

And remember, just because you see empty space in a cabinet, doesn’t mean you have to fill it. This cabinet holds everything for taking care of you from head to toe, inside and out. They are on-call 24/7! So give them the space, and allow the magic of tidying up work to take care of you.


If you’d like to share your Before&After bathroom cabinet, feel free to send your photos to and be featured in the blog. Thank you!

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