FREE Shipping Label for Donating Used Goods

Have you started your spring cleaning? If you’ve been inspired by my blog, then you may have been busy going through your things and picking out the ones you that brings you joy to keep, throwing out the broken and expired items, selling stuff on Craigslist. Maybe there are the items that you want to donate, but haven’t had a chance to drop them off. Well, now there’s a very easy way to donate them. You can ship them to Goodwill FOR FREE!

The steps are very simple:

  1. Get an empty corrugated box.
  2. Pack your box with any items you wish to donate. (Tax deduction receipt available)
  3. Download a USPS or UPS prepaid shipping label from You can drop off the box or arrange for USPS to pick it up from your home.

Your donations will have a positive social, economical, and environmental impact. Not to mention leaving your home more organized and spacious!

To learn more about, please check out their website.

If you have a lot of old toys you want to get rid of, Tom’s of Maine has a Less Waste Challenge that you can also print out a free shipping label and send a box of used toys to be recycled! (Up to 10 pounds per box)

Donating your used goods has never been easier. It’s time to clear your clutter and do some good. Please share this with your friends and family.

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