Simple Joy Tip: Decorating Your Closet

Getting ready to go out, even if it’s going to work, can be a positive experience when you create an organized closet that reflects your personal style. When all the clothes and accessories you love are easily visible and accessible, you’ll be able to quickly get out the door, and feel confident you’ll make a good impression.

Take it one step further and decorate your closet to create what Marie Kondo calls your “personal power spot”. By adding your favorite books, objects, posters, or photos to your closet, you will be adding joy and positive inspiration every time you get ready.

In this example, a simple closet has been perked up using a cheerful yellow chevron contact paper as wall paper. The closet ceiling painted in gray gives an ordinary closet a modern look. The high heels are displayed on a fabric covered photo box that held summer flip-flops. Some jewelry and make up are kept in the black and white patterned boxes (These book boxes are made to look like books with hidden storage compartment).


Display some of your favorite books or place an inspirational quote in a picture frame.


Creating a display with objects that makes you smile. This high ceiling closet has enough room to hang a few graphic posters. And the wooden box houses a few baseball caps.


This entry way jacket closet is decorated with a contemporary print with reminders of the outdoors. The wooden box holds a few umbrellas.


Look around your home and you probably have everything you need to decorate your closet. I hope you’ll try this simple joy tip and step out with an extra boost of positive energy from your closet.


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