Simple Joy Tip: Organizing Miscellaneous Items

I’m excited to share this simple joy tip with you because every person I’ve shown this to loves the idea. I previously wrote a Before&After article about organizing the catch-all drawer. In our home, I use a clear over-the-door hanging shoe organizer to hold the frequently used miscellaneous items.

Although I have to add that this is bending the rules a little from the KonMari method, which states “store all items of the same type in the same place and don’t scatter storage space.” So normally the scissors and cutters would go in the arts and crafts box, batteries with tools, dental floss with the bathroom stuff, and cough drops in the medicine cabinet. However, because I hung this organizer over the door of a closet between our bedrooms and bathroom, it made it very convenient for everyone in the household to get what they need.  This is an organizing system that makes the items easily visible and accessible by the whole family. And I used my favorite chalk labels and had a little bit of fun with the description for each pocket. There are so many possibilities for what you can use these to hold. Tools. Make up. Arts and crafts supplies. What would you put in yours?





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