Before & After: Bathroom Closet

In this Before & After, I want to share some simple suggestions that you can easily apply to the bathroom, linen, and cleaning product closet.

When we have many items in various sizes that falls into the same category, it’s easy to just keep them on the same shelf. Often we take out what we need but we don’t always put them back to the same spot. If you share these products with other members of the family, this closet can get messy very quickly and stay that way.

BEFORE: Bathroom Closet


Here are some suggestions to organize your closet:

  1. Always start with removing all the items and decide which ones you want to keep. Use your feeling as the standard, keep only what sparks joy. Do you feel beautiful whenever you use this product on your skin or hair? Does this material make you feel pampered? Is the scent of this product relaxing?
  2. Remove any packaging or labels that are visually distracting or makes the product more difficult to get to.
  3. Use containers that are appropriate for the type of products you have. In this example the semi-transparent plastic containers are the right size and style for the bathroom closet. The items are divided into HAIR (includes shampoos, razors, hair dryer, brushes) and FACE/BODY (Includes lotions, sunscreens, cotton swabs).

    I like using these chalk labels to clearly mark the containers. (I also used them for labeling toy boxes in the article What To Do About All Those Toys? ) This will make it easier for everyone to find what they need…by themselves.

  4. When storing your items, place them by height with the tallest in the back so you can easily see every product.
  5. Used a box with lid to hold feminine products or any items you don’t want exposed. Again, removed the plastic packaging before placing them in the box. In this example an unused photo box was perfect to hold everything.
  6. When folding towels, the general rule for bath towels is to hide the edges for a cleaner look. In this example, the KonMari folding method was not used. I do think her method would make the towels more accessible and have less chance of them getting messy. That’s something I’d like to try, and write an updated post about it.

    Here I used the formula 3-2-3 for the bath towels. First, I fold the towel in thirds width-wise so both outer edges are on the inside. Next I fold it in half length-wise. Then last, in thirds length-wise. Use your judgement for that last fold based on your towel and the depth of your closet.

    Hand towels is too small to hide their edges, so I fold them length-wise in thirds. And wash cloths I folded them in half.

AFTER: Bathroom Closet


You can save a lot of space when you stand things up. Here you can see the hair dryer and brushes are standing up.

The shower caps are folded and tucked in the front. The Q-Tips and cotton balls are in containers with lids and out of their packages.


Here’s a close up when lid is on the box and toilet paper out of the packaging.

The travel toiletry bag seen in the before photo was moved and stored inside of a suitcase. The scale was given away because it was not being used. (And honestly, does any scale bring joy to anyone? The numbers dont’t matter as much as how you feel in your own skin.)

This project took about 30 minutes, and makes a perfect weekend project. Happy organizing!


If you have any problem areas in your home that needs organizing. Send me your questions or photos to and I can help walk you through your own organizing make-over.





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