Simple Joy Tip: Shower Makeover

Taking a relaxing shower is one of my favorite simple joy. On good days, a shower feels like the perfect way to pamper yourself. On bad days, a nice hot shower can wash away the negative feelings by alleviating your stress.

Here are a few simple ideas to give the shelves in your shower a makeover. It will add more serenity and joy to your experience.

BEFORE: Shower Shelves

In a typical shower, we have various bottles and tubes that don’t always stand nicely on our shelves. Some companies have designed their bottles to stand upside down, some are right side up, and the toothpaste tube doesn’t stand up at all. It’s definitely not a relaxing experience when you try to reach for something and it knocks over something else. And the different colorful labels creates a lot of visual noise.


AFTER: Shower Shelves

I’ve made a few simple changes here that has not only improved the function of the shelves, but also made the space feel more calm and organized.

  • First, only keep products you use on a daily basis in the shower.
  • Replace your squeezable bottles with ones with pumps. They are easier to use than having to unscrew or flip a gooey cap. These ones are made by Clairol called Hair Food. I like them because of the clean shape of the bottle, and it has a wide tube that you get the right amount of shampoo in one pump. The uniformed design is visually pleasing, and I took another step further to removed their labels with Goo Gone. It was a nice shampoo, but when it was finished I refilled with my favorite product.
  • The plastic cup used to hold the toothbrush and toothpaste is made for outdoor dinning. There are a lot of choices available that can match your bathroom decor. Make sure you get one tall enough to hold your toothpaste so it doesn’t tip over.
  • The face wash here is exactly the same, but now there’s more room for it to stand. The design of the packaging in this case actually adds a nice touch of nature to the shelf. So if you find a package design appealing and it brings you joy, then make room to display it.

Although I did spend about $20 on this makeover, all the purchases are items I can continue to reuse and repurpose.


I hope you like these tips and will try to add more joy and serenity to your shower experience.

If you have any troubled area you need help with, feel free to contact me. 

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